Bulgarian Phytocoenological Society

The Bulgarian Phytocoenological Society (BPS) was established by 30 botanists and ecologists from Sofia and Plovdiv in 1993. Their academic interests are focused on the study of Bulgarian flora and vegetation. Species composition (vascular plants, bryophytes, macromycetes), pattern of their distribution, peculiarities of their participation in plant communities (cover, frequency, density, bioproductivity) and classification of the Bulgarian vegetation are the major issues of their research.

Every year the BPS organizes Scientific discussions and in situ (field) research. The members of this society welcome all professionals or amateurs who are interested in its activity to join in.

The current staff of the BPHCS equals about 30 members.

For further information, please write to bphcs@bio.bas.bg or:
Dr. Veska Roussakova (President)

e-mail: v.rusakova@abv.bg

Dr. Rosen Tsonev (Secretary)
Sofia University St. Kl. Ohridski

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