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Head   Rositsa Zamfirova-Mitova, MD, PhD, Assoc.Prof.
Department Biological Effects Of Natural And Synthetic Substances
Lazarov N.E., Atanasova D.Y., Stavreva G.Ts. Immunohistochemical evidence for the presence of ATP-containing structures in the rat colon. Comp. rend. Acad. bulg. Sci. 65(11): 1613-1618, 2012    more...
Enzymological methods Registration of blood pressure and perfusion of blood vessels Lipid peroxidation in biological preparations            more...
Main research topics
The main research topics concern biological activity of natural and synthetic compounds, the role of transmitter systems, as well as the possibilities of control and optimization of drug action. Antioxidant activity of known and newly-synthesized medicinal products, aiming at cell-protection from free-radicals damaging action. Investigations in the field of experimental drug toxicology, aiming at elucidation of the impact of toxic action of medicinal products and oxygen active forms on cellular regulatory mechanisms. Oxidative stress (cellular damage and protection of the active oxygen species), the antioxidant activity of known and newly synthesized medicinal products designed to protect cells from the damaging effects of free radicals, the role of the proteasome in liver damage due to oxidative stress is investigated. The effects of known and newly synthesized drugs for neurodegenerative diseases associated with oxidative stress studies were performed in experimental drug toxicology that help to clarify the toxicity of drugs and active oxygen species on cellular regulatory mechanisms.
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