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Department Biological Effects Of Natural And Synthetic Substances
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  • Koleva M., Kastelova A., Staneva-Stoytcheva D. and Stoytchev T. Combined effect of propranolol with nifedipine or with diltiazem on rat liver monooxygenase activities. Toxicol. Letters 105, 153-161, 1999.
  • Kent U.M., Yanev S. and Hollenberg P.F. Mechanism-Based Inactivation of Cytochromes P450 2B1 and P450 2B6 by n-Propylxanthate. Chem. Res. Toxicol. 12: 317-322, 1999.
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  • Dimitrova D.J., Lashev L.D., Yanev S. and Pandova B. Pharmacokinetics of enrofloxacin and its metabolite ciprofloxacin in male and female turkeys following intravenous and oral administration. Vet. Res. Commun. 30(4): 415-422, 2006.
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  • Naydenova E.D., Zhivkova V., Zamfirova R., Vezenkov L.T., Dobrinova Y.G. and Mateeva P.I. Synthesis and biological activity of nociceptin/orphanin FQ(1-13)NH2 analogues modified in 9 and/or 13 position. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 16: 4071-4074, 2006.
  • Zamfirova, R., Tzvetanova, E., Aleksandrova A., Petrov, L., Mateeva, P., Pavlova, Kirkova, M, Todorov, S.In vivo effects of N/OFQ(1-13)NH2 and its structural analogue [ORN9]N/OFQ(1-13)NH2 on carrageenan-induced inflammation: Rat-paw oedema and antioxidant status. Central European Journal of Biology 4 (2):170-178, 2009.
  • Naydenova E., P. Todorov, P. Mateeva, R. Zamfirova, N. Pavlov, S. Todorov, 2010. Synthesis and biological activity of novel small peptides with aminophosphonates moiety as NOP receptor ligands,. Amino Acids39:1537-1543, 2010.
  • P. Todorov, . Mateeva, R. Zamfirova, N. Pavlov, . Naydenova. Synthesis and biological activity of new series of N-modified analogues of the N/OFQ(1-13)NH2 with aminophosphonate moiety. Amino Aceds 43(3):1217-1223, 2012.
  • Vircheva S., Nenkova G., Georgieva, ALEXANDROVA A., Tzvetanova E., Mateeva P., Zamfirova R., Kirkova M. (2012) Effects of Desipramine on the antioxidant status in rat tissues at carrageenan-induced paw inflammation. Cell Biochemistry and Function, 30:18-23.
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  • Petrov L., Tzvetanova E., Pavlova A., Alexandrova A., Zamfirova R., Kirkova M., Todorov S. (2010) In-vivo effects of nociceptin and its structural analogue [orn9] nociceptin on the antioxidant status of rat blood and liver at carragenan-induced paw inflammation. Central European Journal of Medicine; 5 (1):123-131.
  • Kajfin R, Tzvetanova E, Lazarova M, Leventieva-Necheva E, Petrov L, Raychev P, Mateeva P, Alexandrova A, Belcheva I, Kirkova M. (2010) Experimental model of Parkinson's disease: antioxidant defense system in rat brain. Acta morphologica et anthropologica, 15, 36-39.
  • Vircheva S., Alexandrova A., Georgieva A., Mateeva P., Zamfirova R., Kubera M., Kirkova M. (2010) In vivo effects of pentoxifylline on enzyme and non-enzyme antioxidant levels in rat liver after carrageenan-induced paw inflammation. Cell Biochemistry and Function; 28:668-672.
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