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Contents of volume 10(2-3), 2004
Author(s) Article Page PDF
Cover page Download
Contents and photograph of Professor Bogdan Kuzmanov, DSc (1934–1991) Download
Jurukova, P. Professor Bogdan Kuzmanov, DSc (1934–1991): a life dedicated to science 109 Download
Palamarev, E. & Bozukov, V. The macroflora of Neogene sediments in the Elhovo Formation (Southeast Bulgaria) 131 Download
Palamarev, E. & Tsenov, B. Genus Quercus in the Late Miocene flora of Baldevo Formation (Southwest Bulgaria): taxonomical composition and palaeoecology 147 Download
Lazarova, M. & Filipovitch, L. Palynological research into the peat bogs in the region of Chairski Lakes on the Trigrad Plateau (Central Rhodopes) 157 Download
Dihoru, G. Review of the Bryophyte research in Romania 167 Download
Cvetić, T. & Sabovlević, M. New and interesting bryophyte records for Montenegro 171 Download
Bergman, B., Draleva, S. & Uzunov, S. Ophrys reinholdii (Orchidaceae) – a new species for the Bulgarian flora 175 Download
Šumberová, K., Tzonev, R. & Vladimirov, V. Bidens frondosa (Asteraceae) – a new alien species for the Bulgarian flora 179 Download
Dihoru, G. & Goga, I. Asperula laevigata (Rubiaceae) – a new species to the flora of Romania 183 Download
Stoyanov, S. A new perennial Bupleurum species for the Bulgarian flora 187 Download
Assyov, B. & Vassilev, R. New chorological data and remarks on the distribution of some vascular plants in Bulgaria 191 Download
Petrova, A. A contribution to the flora of East Bulgaria 201 Download
Tzonev, R. & Šumberová, K. New data on the chorology of some little known adventive species on the banks of the Danube River in Bulgaria 207 Download
Petrova, A. New data on the flora of West Bulgaria 211 Download
Orcan, N. & Binzet, R. A study of Alyssum floribundum (Brassicaceae) 217 Download
Bercu, R. & Bavaru, E. Anatomical aspects of Salsola kali subsp. ruthenica 227 Download
Bicheva, R., Robeva-Davidova, P. & Jurukova-Gruncharova, P. Macrosporogenesis and development of the female gametophyte in Gentiana punctata (Gentianaceae) 233 Download
Daskalova, Ts. Histological structure of the microsporangia, microsporogenesis and development of the male gametophyte in Nepeta cataria (Lamiaceae) 241 Download
Atanassova, J., Bozilova, E. & Todorova, S. Pollen analysis of honey from the region of three villages in West Bulgaria 247 Download
Philipov, S., Doncheva, Ts., Istatkova, R. & Vitkova, A. Alkaloids from Nigella arvensis (Ranunculaceae) 253 Download
Istatkova, R. & Doncheva, Ts. & Philipov, S. A comparative study of the alkaloid composition of Isopyrum thalictroides (Ranunculaceae) 257 Download

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