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Contents of volume 11(2), 2005
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Temniskova, D. Assoc. Prof. Vyara Petrova-Karadzhova: a life dedicated to the sea 103 Download
Akkemik, Ü., Köse, N. & Poole, I. Sequoioideae (Cupressaceae) woods from the upper Oligocene of European Turkey (Thrace) 119 Download
Petrova, A., Meshinev, T., Apostolova, I. & Assyov, B. Vulpia fasciculata: a new species for the Bulgarian flora 133 Download
Stevanović, V., Kit Tan, Tomašević, M. & Uotila, P. The occurrence of Cyperus strigosus (Cyperaceae) in Serbia and Montenegro 137 Download
Atanassova, J. & Marinova, E. Contribution to the flora of disappearing wetlands in the Toundzha Hilly Country (SE Bulgaria) 139 Download
Petrova, A. A contribution to the flora of Central Rhodopes 145 Download
İskender, E., Zeynalov, Y., Özaslan, M., Çakır, B. M., Yayla, F. & İncik, F. N. Tree and shrub species of the Huzurlu High Plateau (Gaziantep, Turkey) 149 Download
Gyurova, D. & Evstatieva, L. Distribution of medicinal plants in the beech forests of the Vitosha Nature Park 157 Download
Hájek, M., Hájková, P. & Apostolova, I. Notes on the Bulgarian wetland flora, including new national and regional records 173 Download
Stavretović, N. & Jovanović, S. Phytogeographical analysis of the flora of Belgrade lawns 185 Download
Hájek, M., Tzonev, R., Hájková, P., Ganeva, A. & Apostolova, I. Plant communities of the subalpine mires and springs in the Vitosha Mt 193 Download
Velev, N. Notes on the dynamics of grassy vegetation in the Lovech district 207 Download

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