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Contents of volume 12(2), 2006
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Terziyski, D. Prof. Michail Hristov (1895–1960) – founder of cytological, genetic and embryological studies in Bulgaria 143 Download
Pearce, N.R. John Stuart Mill’s botanical collections from Greece (a private passion) 149 Download
Velichkova, K. & Kiryakov, I. Morphological variability in clonal cultures of Tetrastrum staurogeniaeforme (Chlorophyta, Chlorococcales) 165 Download
Sabovljević, M. & Natcheva, R. Check-list of the liverworts and hornworts of Southеast Europe 169 Download
Papp, B., Ganeva, A. & Natcheva, R. Bryophyte vegetation of Iskur River and its main tributaries 181 Download
Ivanova, D. Polypodium interjectum and P. ×mantoniae (Polypodiaceae: Pteridophyta), new to the Bulgarian flora 191 Download
Marcysiak, K. Scots pine (Pinaceae) from the Crimea compared to the species variation in Europe on the basis of cone traits 203 Download
Christensen, K.I., Zieliński, J. & Petrova, A. Notes on the geographic distribution and ecology of Salix xanthicola (Salicaceae) 209 Download
Petrova, A. Geranium aristatum (Geraniaceae): a new species for the Bulgarian flora 215 Download
Wörz, A. Systematics and distribution patterns of the Balkan species of Eryngium (Apiaceae, Saniculoideae) 221 Download
Albach, D.C. Evolution of Veronica (Plantaginaceae) on the Balkan Peninsula 231 Download
Bancheva, S. The Balkan endemic Colymbada finazzeri (Centaureinae, Asteraceae) in the Bulgarian flora 245 Download
Petrova, A.S. & Venkova, D.Y. Epipactis pontica (Orchidaceae): a new species for the Bulgarian flora 249 Download
Kozuharova, E.K. & Anchev, M.E. Nastic corolla movements of nine Gentiana species (Gentianaceae), presented in the Bulgarian flora 255 Download
Gemici, M., Gemici, Y. & Tan, Kit Sulphur content of Red pine (Pinus brutia) needles and bark as indicator of atmospheric pollution in Southwest Turkey 267 Download
Georgiev, N. Primary production of the association Festuca pratensis–Trifolium elegans on the northern slopes of Mt Lyulin 273 Download
Vladimirov, V. & al. New floristic records in the Balkans: 2 279 Download
Book reviews and announcements 303 Download

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