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Contents of volume 13(2), 2007
Author(s) Article Page PDF
Cover page Download
Sabovljević, M. & Sabovljević, A. Contribution to the coastal bryophytes of the Northern Mediterranean: Are there halophytes among bryophytes? 131 Download
Natcheva, R. & Ganeva, A. New species to the bryophyte flora of Bulgaria 137 Download
Raycheva, Tz. & Dimitrova, D. Critical reassessment of the distribution of some taxa of Rumex subg. Rumex (Polygonaceae) in Bulgaria 141 Download
Ančev, M. Catalogue of the family Brassicaceae (Cruciferae) in the flora of Bulgaria 153 Download
Dihoru, G.C. & Boruz, V.F. Study of Alchemilla incisa (Rosaceae) in Romania 179 Download
Avtzis, N.D., Avtzis, D.N., Vergos, S.G. & Diamandis, S. A contribution to the natural distribution of Aesculus hippocastanum (Hippocastanaceae) in Greece 183 Download
Yankova, E. & Cherneva, Zh. Notes on the species distribution of genus Angelica in Bulgaria 189 Download
Seregin, A.P. A new subspecies of Allium decipiens (sect. Melanocrommyum, Alliaceae) from the Crimean and NW Caucasus Mts 193 Download
Ivanova, D. & Vladimirov, V. Chromosome numbers of some woody species from the Bulgarian flora 205 Download
Stoyanov, K.H. & Stoyanova, S.D. Polymorphism in peroxidase isozymes detected in Phelipanche (Orobanchaceae) from Bulgaria 209 Download
Terzioğlu, S., Anşin, R., Kilinç, M. & Acar, C. Vascular plant diversity in Solaklı watershed in Northeastern Turkey 213 Download
Atanassova, J.R. Pollen deposition in moss polsters and pollen traps in the Central Stara Planina Mts (2002– 2005) 223 Download
Nikolić, Т. & Rešetnik, I. Plant uses in Croatia 229 Download
Çakılcıoğlu, U. & Türkoğlu, İ. Plants and fruits used for cholesterol treatment by the folk in Elaziğ 239 Download
Natcheva, R. New bryophyte records in the Balkans: 2 247 Download
Vladimirov, V. & al. New floristic records in the Balkans: 5 261 Download
Jubilees 277 Download

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