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Contents of volume 14(2), 2008
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Petrova, A. Prof. Dr Stefan Stanev: on occasion of his 70th anniversary 159 Download
Bozukov, V., †Palamarev, E. & Petkova, A. The fossil macroflora of the Vulche Pole Molasse formation (SE Bulgaria) 173 Download
Tonkov, S., Bozilova, E., Marinova, E. & Yűngner, H. History of vegetation and landscape during the last 4000 years in the area of Straldzha mire (SE Bulgaria) 185 Download
Temniskova, D., Stoyneva, M.P. & Kirjakov, I.K. Red List of the Bulgarian algae. I. Macroalgae 193 Download
Sabovljević, M., Natcheva, R., Dihoru, G., Tsakiri, E.,Dragićević, S., Adnan Erdağ, A. & Papp, B. Check-list of the mosses of SE Europe 207 Download
Abdel Khalik, K.N., Abd El-Ghani, M.M. & El Kordy, A. Numerical taxonomy of Galium (Rubiaceae) in Egypt 245 Download
Sutorý, K. What is Cynoglossum rotatum Velenovský? 255 Download
Apostolova, I., Petrova, A.S., Meshinev, T. & Danihelka, J. Stipa ucrainica (Poaceae): a recently recognized native species of the Bulgarian flora 257 Download
Vakarelov, I.I. Method for practical assessment of cylindrically represented spiral phyllotaxis 263 Download
Tashev, A.N. & Tsavkov, E.I. Medicinal plants of the Bulgarian dendroflora 269 Download
Kültür, Ş. An ethnobotanical study of Kırklareli (Turkey) 279 Download
Kültür, Ş. An ethnobotanical study of Kırklareli (Turkey) 279 Download
Vladimirov, V. & al. New floristic records in the Balkans: 8 291 Download
Book announcements 305 Download

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