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Contents of volume 16(1), 2010
Author(s) Article Page PDF
Cover page Download
Contents 1 Download
New taxa 2 Download
Dimitrova, E. & Gyosheva, M. Checklist of Bulgarian Helotiales 3 Download
Ivanov, D., Djorgova, N. & Slavomirova, E. Palynological subdivision of Late Miocene sediments from Karlovo Basin (Central Bulgaria) 23 Download
Dencheva, K. State of macrophytobenthic communities and ecological status of the Varna Bay, Varna lakes and Burgas Bay 43 Download
Kožuharova, E., Tzvetanova, V. & Firmage, D. Seed germination and seedling development of two rare Astragalus species (Fabaceae) 51 Download
Kadiri, A.B. & Olowokudejo, J.D. Systematic significance of foliar epidermal morphology in the West African species of Ludwigia (Onagraceae) 57 Download
Stoyanov, S. A new annual Bupleurum (Apiaceae) species from Northeastern Bulgaria and Romanian Dobrogea 65 Download
Petrova, A.S. First records of Vincetoxicum nigrum and Avena byzantina in Bulgaria 75 Download
Meriç, Ç., Arda, H., Güler, N. & Dayan, S. Chromosome number and nuclear DNA content of Centaurea kilaea (Asteraceae), an endemic species from Turkey 79 Download
Yıldız, K., Çırpıcı, A. & Dadandı, M.Y. Pollen morphology of Silene taxa (Caryophyllaceae) in four sections from Turkey 85 Download
Pavlova, D.K. A survey of the serpentine flora in the West Bulgarian Frontier Mts (Mt Vlahina and Mt Ograzhden) 97 Download
Pirini, Ch.B., Tsiripidis, I., Karagiannakidou, V., Raus, Th. & †Babalonas. D. Pseudo-steppic and aquatic flora of the Natura 2000 network site Limnes Vegoritida-Petron (North-Central Greece) 109 Download
Lazarova, M.A., Atanassova, J.R. & Yurukova, L.D. Botanical origin and inorganic content of bee honey in North-Eastern Bulgaria (Shumen region) 131 Download
Natcheva, R. New bryophyte records in the Balkans: 6 137 Download
Vladimirov, V. & al. New floristic records in the Balkans: 13 143 Download
Book reviews 167 Download

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