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Contents of volume 16(2), 2010, Special Issue
Author(s) Article Page PDF
Cover page 1 Download
Cover page 2 Download
Cover page 3 Download
Cover page 4 Download
All cover pages Download
Contents 171 Download
New species and combinations published in vol. 16(2), 2010 172 Download
Foreword 173 Download
Fischer, M.A. Do plant identification keys enable identification? 175 Download
Baytop, A. Plant collectors in Anatolia (Turkey) 187 Download
Křivka, P. & Holubec, V. The Balkan collections in the main Czech herbaria 215 Download
Tan, Kit & Zieliński, J. Two unnamed Turkish roses 221 Download
Tan, Kit, Iatroú, G., Vold, G. & Strid, A. Hypericum boehlingraabei (Hypericaceae), a new species from the northern Peloponnese (Greece) 227 Download
Wörz, A. The Nomenclatural Types of some Eryngium taxa (Apiaceae-Saniculoideae) from the Balkan Peninsula 233 Download
Tan, Kit, Tsounis, G. & Tsounis, L. Micromeria acropolitana (Lamiaceae) rediscovered in Athens (Greece) 237 Download
Tan, Kit, Zieliński, J., Vladimirov, V. & Stevanović, V. On a new Petasites species from the southern Pindos (Greece) 243 Download
Stevanović, V., Matevski, V. & Tan, Kit Jurinea micevskii (Asteraceae), a new species from the Republic of Macedonia 249 Download
Bancheva, S. & Gorgorov, R. Taxonomic revision and conservation status of Centaurea davidovii (sect. Lepteranthus, Asteraceae) 255 Download
Mermygkas, D., Tan, Kit & Yannitsaros, A. A new species of Iris (Iridaceae) from the northern Peloponnese (Greece) 263 Download
Mullaj, A. & Tan, Kit Erica multiflora (Ericaceae), Onosma pygmaeum (Boraginaceae) and Typha minima (Typhaceae) in Albania 267 Download
Panitsa, M. & Tzanoudakis, D. Floristic diversity on small islands and islets: Leros islets’ group (East Aegean area, Greece) 271 Download
Muratović, E., Bogunić, F., Šoljan, D., Martín, J., Vallès, J. & Siljak-Yakovlev, S. Stomata and pollen grain characteristics of two endemic lilies: Lilium bosniacum and L. carniolicum (Liliaceae) 285 Download
Petrova, A. & Vladimirov, V. Balkan endemics in the Bulgarian flora 293 Download
Křivka, P. Josef Velenovský, a great Czech botanist, philosopher and politician 313 Download

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