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Contents of volume 17(2), 2011
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Contents 163 Download
Gyosheva, M. & Dimitrova, E. New records of larger fungi established in habitats of glacial relict plants in Bulgaria 165 Download
Stoyneva, M. & Uzunov, B. First record of the rare species Phaeoschizochlamys mucosa (Phaeosaccionaceae) in Bulgaria 169 Download
Ognjanova-Rumenova, N., Botev, I. & Vidinova, Y. Using sediment diatom assemblages in the assessment of environmental changes in high-altitude lakes, Rila Mts, Bulgaria 173 Download
Mosaferi, S., Keshavarzi, M. & Ghadam, P. Biosystematic study of annual species of Persicaria from Iran using SDS-PAGE 185 Download
Sheidai, M., Fadaei, F., Noormohammadi, Z. & Assadi, M. Species relationship and diversification in the genus Arenaria L. (Caryophyllaceae) in Iran 191 Download
Siljak-Yakovlev, S., Tan, Kit, Tsounis, G. & Tsounis, G. Genome size and chromosome number of Micromeria acropolitana (Lamiaceae), a steno-endemic from Greece 201 Download
Yılmaz, G. & Dane, F. Studies on Verbascum ovalifoliım and V. purpureum (Scrophulariaceae) from the vicinity of Edirne (European Turkey) 205 Download
Daşkın, R. & Kaynak, G. Conservation status of five endemic species distributed in Northwest Turkey 213 Download
Velev, N., Apostolova, I. & Fajmonová, Z. Cynosurus cristatus grasslands in West Bulgaria 221 Download
Panayotov, M. Avalanches on the northwestern slope of peak Todorka (Pirin Mts, SW Bulgaria) and their influence on forests 237 Download
Vladimirov, V. & Tan, Kit New Floristic Records in the Balkans: 16 247 Download
Tan, Kit & Biel, B. Nomenclatural note 265 Download

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