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Contents of volume 17(3), 2011
Author(s) Article Page PDF
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Contents 267 Download
Assyov, B. & Stoykov, D. First record of Boletus ichnusanus (Boletaceae) in Bulgaria 269 Download
Kiryakov, I., Velichkova, K. & Dragieva, K. Species composition and distribution of genus Tribonema (Xanthophyceae) in Bulgaria 273 Download
Kailis, N. & Eleftheriadou, E. Contribution to the description and distribution of Salix ×velchevii (Salicaceae) 279 Download
Bolourian, S. & Pakravan, M. A morphometric study of the annual species of Alyssum (Brassicaceae) in Iran based on their macro- and micro-morphological characters 283 Download
Ančev, M. & Krendl, F. Galium sect. Leiogalium (Rubiaceae) in the Bulgarian flora 291 Download
Korkmaz, H., Mumcu, Ü., Kutbay, H. & Alkan, S. Vascular flora of the Gölardı Wildlife Protection Area and its surroundings (Terme/Samsun, Turkey) 315 Download
Gorgorov, R., Yankova, E., Baldjiev, G., Apostolova, I., Yurukova-Grancharova, P. & Stanilova, M. Reproductive capacity and in vitro cultivation of the glacial relict Papaver degenii (Papaveraceae) 333 Download
Angelov, G. Evaluation of systematic relationships among four taxa of the Festuca ovina group (Poaceae) by means of isoenzyme markers 341 Download
Kawsar, S., Fujii ,Y., Matsumoto, R., Yasumitsu, H. & Ozeki, Y. Protein R-phycoerythrin from marine red alga Amphiroa anceps: extraction, purification and characterization 347 Download
Ajayi, G., Kadiri, A., Egbedi, M. & Oyeyemi, O. Pharmacognostic study of two medicinal species of Rytigynia (Rubiaceae) from Nigeria 355 Download
Vladimirov, V., Dane, F. & Tan, Kit New floristic records in the Balkans: 17 361 Download
Book reviews and announcements 385 Download
Errata 389 Download
List of the reviewers 391 Download

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