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Contents of volume 18(1), 2012
Author(s) Article Page PDF
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Contents 1 Download
Stoyneva, M.P. & Ivanov, D.A. Аssoc. Prof. Dr Stefan Draganov: congratulations for 80th birthday 3 Download
Daşkın, R. & Kaynak, G. Angelica archangelica (Apiaceae), a new species to Turkey: a contribution to its taxonomy and distribution 5 Download
Tashev, A. Characteristics of the Opuntia humifusa (Cactaceae) locality in the Harmanli district, South Bulgaria 11 Download
Keshavarzi, M., Abassian, S. & Sheidai, M. Pollen morphology of the genus Clypeola (Brassicaceae) in Iran 17 Download
Kožuharova, E., Richards, J., Ninov, N., Kostov, K. & Aleksandrov, B. Autecological observations on Oxytropis species (Fabaceae) – two of them rare and endemic from Northern Pirin Mts, Bulgaria 25 Download
Adeniji, K.A. & Ariwaodo, J.O. Comparative foliar epidermal studies of genus Pericopsis (Papilionaceae) in Nigeria 37 Download
Soykan, A. & Meriç, Ç. Morphological and anatomical studies on Tulipa orphanidea (Liliaceae) 43 Download
Dimitrov, D., Kurteva, M. & Zahariev, D. Flora and vegetation of the Dervisha Managed Reserve, Bulgaria 49 Download
Naderi, R., Rahiminejad, M.R., Eslami, B. & Afsharzadeh, S. Flora and vegetation of Golestanak (Alborz Mountains), Iran 59 Download
Vladimirov, V., Dane, F., Matevski, V. & Tan, Kit New floristic records in the Balkans: 18 69 Download
Book reviews 93 Download
Instructions to authors 101 Download

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