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Contents of volume 19(1), 2013
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Karadelev, M. & Koteska, L. Hyphoderma etruriae (Meruliaceae, Basidiomycota) – rare corticioid fungus collected in Macedonia 3 Download
Hristova, V. & Ivanov, D. New pollen data for the subdivision of Late Miocene sediments from Karlovo Basin, Central Bulgaria 7 Download
Velichkova, K. & Kiryakov, I. Types and division of the coenobia of genus Tetrastrum (Chlorophyta, Chlorococcales) 17 Download
Pantović, J. & Sabovljević, M. Contribution to the bryophyte flora of Mt Boranja (West Serbia) 23 Download
Raycheva, T., Denev, I. & Dimitrova, D. Taxonomic relationships of selected Bulgarian species from Rumex subg. Rumex (Polygonaceae) based on ISSR markers 29 Download
Zieliński, J. & Vladimirov, V. New records of Sorbus ×latifolia (Rosaceae) from the Balkan Peninsula and SW Asia 39 Download
Nasrollahi, F., Keshavarzi, M. & Sheidai, M. Fruit morphological and micro-morphological study of the Anchusa species (Boraginaceae) in Iran 47 Download
Karamplianis, T., Tsiftsis, S. & Constantinidis, T. The genus Crocus (Iridaceae) in Greece: some noteworthy floristic records and their karyotypes 53 Download
Altınsaçlı, S., Altınsaçlı, S. & Temel, M. Species composition and qualitative distribution of macrophytes in four lakes (Karasu, Adapazarı, Turkey) 67 Download
Özhatay, N., Akalın, E., Güler, N., Ersoy, H., Yeşil, Y. & Demirci, S. Floristic richness and conservation priority sites in Northwest of European Turkey “Yıldız Mt-Kırklareli” 77 Download
Goranova, V., Vassilev, K. & Pedashenko, H. Vascular flora of the Valley of Mesta River floristic region, SW Bulgaria 89 Download
Roussakova, V. Mapping of the vegetation cover and habitat types under NATURA 2000 in the Rila Mts 115 Download
Vladimirov, V., Dane, F. & Tan, Kit New floristic records in the Balkans: 21 131 Download
Book reviews and announcements 159 Download

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