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Contents of volume 19(3), 2013
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Ognjanova-Rumenova, N., Rashkova, L., Botev, I. & Trichkova, T. Diversity of benthic diatoms in relation to environmental factors in two Bulgarian reservoirs 307 Download
Ančev, M., Yurukova-Grancharova, P., Ignatova, P., Goranova, V., Stoyanov, S., Yankova-Tsvetkova, E. & Neykov, N. Cardamine ×rhodopaea (Brassicaceae), a triploid hybrid from the West Rhodope Mts: Morphology, distribution, relationships and origin 323 Download
Noormohammadi, Z., Mahdavipoor, Z., Sheidai, M., Mehdigholi, K. & Yeganeh-Hasheminejad, A.F. Coalescence, structure and reticulation analysis of genetic diversity in Prunus scoparia populations 339 Download
Deniz, İ., Çırpıcı, A. & Yıldız, K. Palynological study of the Geranium (Geraniaceae) species from the Thrace region (Turkey-in-Europe) 347 Download
Nikolova, M. & Bancheva, S. Surface flavonoids of Centaurea stenolepis and the local endemics Centaurea davidovii and C. parilica (Asteraceae, sect. Lepteranthus) from Bulgaria 357 Download
Tzonev, R., Panova, K., Hristov, I. & Ralev, A. Study of the vegetation and habitats of the Ranislavtsi Refugial Complex of wet meadows, Kostinbrod Municipality, West Bulgaria 361 Download
Vladimirov, V., Dane, F. & Tan, Kit New floristic records in the Balkans: 23 373 Download
Dimitrov, D. In Memoriam: Professor Boris Pavlov Kitanov (1912–1996) – a versatile botanist and naturalist 401 Download
Book Announcements 405 Download
List of the reviewers 407 Download

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