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Contents of volume 20(1), 2014
Author(s) Article Page Link
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Contents & New taxa published in vol. 20(1), 2014 1 Download
Chukwuma, E.C., Soladoye, M.O. & Abdus Salaam, K.R.P. Taxonomic value of the leaf micro-morphology and quantitative phytochemistry of Clitoria ternatea and Centrosema pubescens (Papilionoideae, Fabaceae) 3 Download
Talebi, S.M., Atri, M., Sheidai, M., Sharifnia, F. & Noormohammadi, Z. Infraspecific variations in Linum album based on the Determination of Special Stations approach in Iran 9 Download
Yeşil, Y., Özhatay, F.N. & Uruşak, E.A. The Genus Armeria (Plumbaginaceae) in Turkey 23 Download
Mehrabian, A.R., Sheidai, M. & Mozaffarian, V. Micromorphology of leaf trichomes in Onosma (Boraginaceae) and their systematic relevance in Iran 33 Download
Yetişen, K. Morphological and anatomical study of the endemic species Phlomis monocephala (Lamiaceae) 49 Download
Zografidis, A., Bancheva, S. & Tan, Kit A new yellow-flowered species of Centaurea (Asteraceae) from Mt Imittos, Attica, Greece 57 Download
Tan, Kit, Biel, B. & Siljak-Yakovlev, S. Galanthus samothracicus (Amaryllidaceae) from the island of Samothraki, northeastern Greece 65 Download
Akyol, Y., Yetişen, K. & Özdemir, C. Morphological and anatomical studies of Iris iberica subsp. elegantissima and Iris sintenisii (Iridaceae) from Turkey 71 Download
Zahariev, D. An investigation into the flora of the Shumen Heights 79 Download
Altınsaçlı, S., Altınsaçlı, S. & Paçal, F.P. Species composition and qualitative distribution of the macrophytes in three Turkish lakes (Kandira, Kocaeli, Turkey) 89 Download
Vladimirov, V. & Tan, Kit New floristic records in the Balkans: 24 99 Download
Book reviews 139 Download

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