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Contents of volume 21(1), 2015
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Gyosheva, M.M., Stoykov, D.Y. & Natcheva, R.K. Ascocoryne turficola (Ascomycota, Helotiales): first records from South Europe 3 Download
Keshavarzi, M., Mahdavinejad, M., Sheidai, M. & Gholipour, A. Seed and pollen morphology of some Silene species (Caryophyllaceae) in Iran 7 Download
Sheidai, M., Farahani, F., Talebi, S.-M. & Noormohammadi, Z. Genetic and morphological analyses of distyly in Linum mucronatum (Linaceae) 13 Download
Kalníková, V. & Palpurina, S. Epilobium adenocaulon and Oenothera glazioviana (Onagraceae): new alien species for the Bulgarian flora 21 Download
Elkordy, A. Two subspecies of Galium setaceum (Rubiaceae) in Egypt 29 Download
Angelov, G. & Szczepaniak, M. Isoenzyme variation and genetic relationships between Elymus repens, E. hispidus and E. × mucronatus (Triticeae, Poaceae) 37 Download
Karakiev, T.S., Georgieva, N.G. & Tzonev, R.T. Mapping out the habitats of conservation importance in the subalpine and alpine northern marble divide of the Pirin National Park (Bulgaria) 43 Download
Vladimirov, V., Dane, F. & Tan, Kit New floristic records in the Balkans: 26 53 Download
In memoriam 93 Download

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