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Contents of volume 21(2), 2015
Author(s) Article Page Link
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Contents 97 Download
Köcke, V. & Uhl, D. The leaf assemblage from the Early – Middle Miocene locality Sulzigtobel near Werthenstein (Canton Lucerne, Switzerland) 99 Download
Güneş, F. & Çırpıcı, A.H. Lathyrus cassius (L. sect. Cicercula, Leguminosae), a new species for the flora of Europe 111 Download
Ostroumova, T.A. & Kljuykov, E.V. Fruit structure and microsculpture in the annual species of the genus Bupleurum, section Perfoliata (Umbelliferae) 117 Download
Bogosavljević, S.S. & Zlatković, B.K. Two alien species of Bidens (Compositae), new to the flora of Serbia 129 Download
Eftekharian, R., Sheidai, M., Attar, F. & Noormohammadi, Z. Genetic diversity and population structure in Senecio leucanthemifolius subsp. vernalis (Asteraceae) in Iran 139 Download
Richards, A.J., Biel, B., Štěpánek, J. & Kirschner, J. Taraxacum limnoticum (Asteraceae) from the Aegean, Greece 149 Download
Angelov, G.B. Systematic relationships among four taxa of genus Melica (Poaceae) in Bulgaria: isoenzymatic survey 155 Download
Asenov, A.I. Systematic and phytogeographic analysis of the vascular flora of Mt Zemenska, West Bulgaria 161 Download
Vladimirov, V., Dane, F., Matevski, V. & Tan, Kit New floristic records in the Balkans: 27 189 Download
In memoriam 221 Download

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