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Contents of volume 22(1), 2016
Author(s) Article Page Link
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Contents & New taxa published in vol. 22(1), 2016 1 Download
Ezer, T. Fissidens gymnandrus (Bryophyta, Fissidentaceae), a new moss record from Turkey and Southwest Asia 3 Download
Vaghefi, S.S.M., Sheidai, M. & Assadii, M. Genetic diversity and population structure of Alyssum stapfii (Brassicaceae) in Iran 7 Download
Raju, A.J.S. & Rani, D.S. Reproductive ecology of Cleome gynandra and Cleome viscosa (Capparaceae) 15 Download
Koohdar, F, Sheidai, M., Talebi, S.M., Noormohammadi, Z. & Ghasemzadeh-Baraki, S. Genetic diversity, population structure and morphological variability in the Lallemantia royleana (Lamiaceae) from Iran 29 Download
Krahulcová, A., Vladimirov, V., Krahulec, F. & Bräutigam, S. The agamic complex of Pilosella (Asteraceae) in Bulgaria and SW Romania: variation in ploidy levels and breeding systems. Part 2 39 Download
Angelov, G. & Bednarska, I. Systematic relationships among eight taxa of genus Festuca from the Ukraine, as revealed by seed proteins electrophoresis 63 Download
Ostroumova, T.A. & Stoyanov, S. Peucedanum obtusifolium (Apiaceae), a new record for the Bulgarian flora 69 Download
Traykova, B. & Goranova, V. Protection of rare and threatened seed plant species from Bulgaria in an ex situ collection 73 Download
Azizi, H. & Keshavarzi, M. Floristic study of the Dupaza Mountain, Sardasht County, West Azarbaijan Province, NW Iran 79 Download
Glukhov, O.Z. & Derevyanska, G.G. The features of urban habitats under conditions of the steppe zone of Ukraine and Russia 85 Download
Vladimirov, V. & al. (comp.) New floristic records in the Balkans: 29 93 Download
Book reviews 125 Download

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