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Contents of volume 23(1), 2017
Author(s) Article Page Link
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Contents & New taxa and combinations published in vol. 23(1), 2017 1 Download
Akyol, Y., Kocabaş, O., Bozdağ, B., Minareci, E. & Özdemir, C. Vascular anatomy of Alyssum alyssoides and A. desertorum (Brassicaceae) from Eastern Anatolia, Turkey 3 Download
Berkov, S., Kasabova, N., Pavlova, D. & Tonkov, S. Metabolic and chemotaxonomical studies in some Geum (Rosaceae) species 7 Download
Akbari, M., Nejadsatari, T., Noori, M., Majd, A., Cheregani, A. Pollen grain flavonoid studies of four Iranian Trifolium (Leguminosae) taxa as future honey biomarkers 17 Download
Noori, M. & Talebi, S.M. A chemotaxonomy study of some I ranian Linum taxa 23 Download
Petrova, A.S. On the identity and distribution of the alien Acalypha species (Euphorbiaceae) in Bulgaria 31 Download
Naqinezhad, A. & Naseri Larijani, N. Ammannia coccinea (Lythraceae), a new record for the Flora Iranica area 35 Download
Dileepu Kumar, B., Sandhya Deepika, D. & Solomon Raju, A.J. Reproductive ecology of the semi-evergreen tree Vitex negundo (Lamiaceae) 39 Download
Bello, A.O., Oladipo, O.T. & Saheed, S.A. Leaf epidermal studies of some Solanum (Solanaceae) species in Nigeria 55 Download
Zografidis, A. & Strid, A. A taxonomic revision of the Verbascum daenzeri group (Scrophulariaceae) 65 Download
Kohpaii, F.N., Farahani, F. & Nourmohammadi, Z. Somaclonal variation in the in vitro regenerated pineapple (Ananas comosus): investigation of the cellular characteristics, biochemical specificities and ISSR markers 73 Download
Angelov, G. & Bednarska, I. Study of genetic and systematic relationships among species of genus Festuca (Poaceae) by means of isoenzyme markers 85 Download
Bednarska, I., Angelov, G. & Nikolova, M. Systematic relationships among the taxa of Festuca valesiaca group (Poaceae) from Ukraine as judged by their phenolic compounds’ patterns 89 Download
Abdulrahaman, A.A. & Oladele, F.A. Leaf size and transpiration rates in Agave americana and Aloe vera 95 Download
Veiskarami, G. & Sharifi-Tehrani, M. Plant species diversity in the Central Zagros region of Iran 101 Download
Vladimirov, V. & al. New floristic records in the Balkans: 32 119 Download
Anniversary 147 Download
In Memoriam 149 Download

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