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Contents of volume 23(2), 2017
Author(s) Article Page Link
Cover page 1 Download
Cover page 2 Download
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Contents & New taxa and combinations published in vol. 23(2), 2017 151 Download
Gyosheva, M.M. & Stoykov, D. Hygrophoropsis macrospora (Basidiomycota, Boletales): a new record for the Balkan mycota 153 Download
Bozchaloyi, S.E., Sheidai, M., Keshavarzi, M., Noor­mohammadi, Z., Hassanzadeh, M., Ghasemzadeh-Baraki, S. & Koohdar, F. Analysis on genetic diversity in Geranium robertianum by ISSR markers 157 Download
Terzioğlu, S. & Coşkunçelebi, K Rhus chinensis var. chinensis (Anacardiaceae), a new alien record for the flora of Turkey 167 Download
Mallikarjuna Rao, M., Solomon Raju, A.J. & Venkata Ramana, K. Secondary pollen presentation and psycho­phily in Vernonia albicans and Vernonia cinerea (Asteraceae) 171 Download
Paštová, L. Variation in leaf anatomy within the Elytrigia intermediaE. ×mucronataE. repens (Poaceae) hybrid complex 187 Download
Meço, M., Pavlova, D., Mahmutaj, E., Bani, A. & Mullaj, A. Conservation status of some rare plant species in the watershed of the middle section of Devoll River (South-Central Albania) and their distribution in Albania 199 Download
Strid, A., Bergmeier, E., Sakellarakis, F.-N., Kazoglou, Y., Vrahnakis, M. & Fotiadis, G. Additions to the flora of the Prespa National Park, Greece 207 Download
Tzonev, R.T. Two new associations from the herbaceous riparian vegetation in the Central Danubian plain, Bulgaria 271 Download
Vladimirov, V. & al. New floristic records in the Balkans: 33 281 Download
Tzonev, R. Errata 2013 331 Download

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