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Contents of volume 23(3), 2017
Author(s) Article Page Link
Cover pages Download
Contents & New taxa published in vol. 23(3), 2017 335 Download
Beug, H.-J. & Tonkov, S. Evidence of Holocene fossil Aldrovanda vesiculosa (Droseraceae) seeds at Lake Arkutino, southeastern Bulgaria 337 Download
Stoykov, D.Y. & Gyosheva, M.M. New data on fungicolous ascomycetes in Bulgaria 341 Download
Çolak, Ö.F. & Kaygusuz, O. Octospora leucoloma (Pyronemataceae): a new bryoparasitic genus record for Turkish mycobiota 345 Download
Shivarov, V. First records of lichenicolous species from the Bulgarian freshwater habitats 349 Download
Karakaş, M. & Ezer, T. The bryophyte flora of Göllüdağ Volcano (Niğde/Turkey) 355 Download
Kostrakiewicz-Gierałt, K. The impact of disturbance on the site conditions and regeneration of a Dianthus carthusianorum population in sand grassland 361 Download
Kozuharova, E., Hale, M., Simeonov, V., Nedyalkova, M., Wolff, K. & Richards, A.J. Onobrychis pindicola and O. montana (Fabaceae) in the Pirin and Slavyanka Mts (SW Bulgaria): can we distinguish between them? 371 Download
Lakshminarayana, G. & Solomon Raju, A.J. Reproductive biology and ecology of Evolvulus alsinoides and Evolvulus nummularius (Convolvulaceae) 381 Download
Nikolova, A., Chunchukova, M., Alipieva, K. & Stanilova, M. Effect of plant growth regulators on structure and biosynthetic capacity of in vitro roots of Valeriana officinalis (Valerianaceae) 391 Download
Angelov, G. & Bednarska, I. Systematic relationships among some Festuca species (Poaceae) from the Ukraine as revealed by isoenzymes 399 Download
Maslo, S. & Šarić, Š. Georgia Bulrush, Scirpus georgianus (Cyperaceae): a new alien species in the flora of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkans 405 Download
Tzonev, R. & Panovska, H. Notes on the distribution of Hyacinthella leucophaea subsp. atchleyi in Bulgaria 409 Download
Vladimirov, V. & al. New floristic records in the Balkans: 34 413 Download
List of the reviewers 445 Download

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