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Contents of volume 24(1), 2018
Author(s) Article Page Link
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Contents & New taxa and combinations published in vol. 24(1), 2018 1 Download
Bozukov, V. Family Araliaceae in the Bulgarian macrofossil flora 3 Download
Stoykov, D. Didymella curtisii (Didymellaceae) on Pancratium maritimum in Bulgaria and Greece 11 Download
Batan, N., Atamov, V., Ekşi, S. & Erata, H. Contrubition to the bryophyte flora of İkizdere district (Rize, Turkey) 17 Download
Papp, B., Natcheva, R. & Ganeva, A. Bryophyte diversity along the Northern Black Sea Coast in Bulgaria 25 Download
Deniz, İ., Yıldız, K. & Çırpıcı, A. Taxonomical study of seeds and fruit micromorphology of the Geranium (Geraniaceae) species in the Thrace region of Turkey (Europe) 35 Download
Olukoya, B.M., Sakpere, A.M.A. & Adetunji, A.E. Phytochemical, proximate and elemental analysis of Clerodendrum volubile (Lamiaceae) at pre- and post-flowering stages 45 Download
Maslo, S. & Šarić, Š. Giant Foxtail (Setaria faberi, Poaceae): a new alien species in the flora of Bosnia and Herzegovina 51 Download
Alexandrova, A., Tashev, A., Dimitrov, M. & Apostolova-Stoyanova, N. Floristic analysis of Mt Slivenska (Eastern Stara Planina, Bulgaria) 55 Download
Ibrahim, H.M., Al-Quhbi, H.A., Murshed, A.A. & Al-Gifri, A.N.A. Influence of the African paleotropical floristic categories on the flora of high-altitude mountains in Yemen: case study of Jabal An-Nabi Shuáyb, Sana’a (capital of Yemen) 75 Download
Mumcu, Ü. & Korkmaz, H. Vascular flora of the central and western parts of Yeşilırmak Delta (Çarşamba / Samsun / Turkey) 87 Download
Velev, N. Arrhenatheretalia elatioris uncritical checklist of Europe 99 Download
Soladoye, M.O., Chukwuma, E.C. & Mustapfa, A.I. Ethnobotanical survey of plants used in the management of benign prostatic hyperplasia in Ijebu – North Local Government Area, Ogun State, Nigeria 149 Download
Vladimirov, V. & al. New floristic records in the Balkans: 35 155 Download
Book announcements 175 Download

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