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Contents of volume 25(1), 2019
Author(s) Article Page Link
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Cover pages Download
Contents & New names published in vol. 25(1), 2019 1 Download
Lambevska-Hristova, A. & Karadelev, M. Contribution to the knowledge of genus Amylostereum in the Macedonian mycota 3 Download
Bozok, F., Assyov, B. & Taşkın, H. First records of Exsudoporus permagnificus and Pulchroboletus roseoalbidus (Boletales) in association with non-native Fagaceae, with taxonomic remarks 13 Download
Ekeke, Ch. & Agogbua, J.U. Comparative morphological and anatomical studies of Boerhavia (Nyctaginaceae) species in Nigeria 29 Download
Naydenova, Ts., Vladimirov, V. & Bancheva, S. Contribution to the knowledge of naturalised Opuntia species (Cactaceae) in the Bulgarian flora 39 Download
Cheshmedzhiev, I. & Marinov, Y. Genus Hylotelephium (Crassulaceae) in Bulgaria 47 Download
Kasalkheh, R., Jorjani, E., Sabouri, H., Habibi, M. & Sattarian, A. Leaflet epidermal studies and taxonomic significance of trichomes in the Rubus subgenus Rubus (Rosaceae) in Iran 53 Download
Marinov, Y. & Stoyanov, S. First record of Dorycnium haussknechtii (Fabaceae) for the Balkans 63 Download
Maslo, S. & Šarić, Š. Small Balsam, Impatiens parviflora (Balsaminaceae): A new alien species to the flora of Bosnia and Herzegovina 69 Download
Shamso, E.K., El Garf, I.A. & Hosny, A.I. New records of Ipomoea species (Convolvulaceae) for the flora of Egypt 75 Download
Strid, A. Acis orientalis: a new name for Leucojum ionicum (Amaryllidaceae) 79 Download
Elkordy, A., Elshikh, O. & Abdallah, N. Floristic diversity and vegetation analysis of riparian and aquatic plants of the canals in the Sohag Governorate, Egypt 81 Download
Vladimirov, V. & al. (comp.) New floristic records in the Balkans: 38 97 Download
In Memoriam 121 Download

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