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Contents of volume 27(1), 2021
Author(s) Article Page Link
Cover page 1 Download
Cover page 2 Download
Cover page 4 Download
All cover pages Download
Contens & New taxa published in vol. 27(1), 2021 Download
Kumar, S.S. & Solomon Raju, A.J. Reproductive ecology of Mesua ferrea, a tropical evergreen tree species from India 3 Download
Akinlabi, A.A. & Oladipo, O.T. Petiole anatomy of the Ficus species (Moraceae) in Southwest Nigeria 23 Download
Odewale, M.O., Lawal, I.O., Olaniyi, M.B., Rafiu, B.O. & Adeniyi, I.M. Morphology and microchemical studies of the genus Spondias (S. mombin and S. tuberosa) 31 Download
Lawal, I.O., Olaniyi, M.B. & Adeniyi, O.O. Elemental composition and morphological studies of Quassia undulata 37 Download
Ekeke, Ch., Joseph, Th.O. & Mensah, S.I. Morphological, anatomical and histological studies on the genus Icacina (Icacinaceae) from Nigeria, West Africa 45 Download
Ilyinska, A., Ryff, L., Yevseyenkov, P. & Svirin, S. Alyssum smyrnaeum (Brassicaceae): new records for the Crimean flora 59 Download
Dunkel, F.G. & Gottschlich, G. Notes on some taxa of Hieracium and Pilosella (Asteraceae), new for the Greek flora, II and a nomenclatural comment on Hieraciumchalasinense 71 Download
Giannopoulos, K., Tan, Kit & Vold, G. Contributions to the bulb flora of Ilias (NW Peloponnese, Greece): Alliaceae 85 Download
Giannopoulos, K., Tan, Kit & Vold, G. Contributions to the bulb flora of Ilias (NW Peloponnese, Greece): Amaryllidaceae, Araceae and Aristolochiaceae 97 Download
Koljanin, D., Milanović, Đ. & Stupar, V. New data on the distribution and threat status of three rare spring geophytes from Bosnia and Herzegovina 107 Download
Kazemi, F. & Afsharzadeh, S. Floristic study of Pennart in Isfahan province, Iran 115 Download
Vladimirov, V. & al. (comp.). New floristic records in the Balkans: 44 127 Download
Kit Tan & Lulëzim Shuka In Memoriam 151 Download

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