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Contents of volume 28(3), 2022
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Keskin, A., Ezer, T., AlataƟ, M. & Karaman, S. The bryophyte flora of Karinca Mountain (Pozanti-Adana) 289 Download
Natcheva, R. & Ganeva, A. New data on the bryophyte flora of Bulgarka Nature Park 305 Download
Tzonev, R., Gussev, Ch., Georgiev, V. & Tsoneva, S. New data on the distribution and community ecology of the rare hygrophytic fern Thelypteris palustris in Bulgaria 311 Download
Ganeva, T.G. & Stefanova, M.A. Comparative study of the leaf surface micromorphology and mesophyll of Platanus orientalis (Platanaceae) plants originating from two localities 319 Download
Savev, S. Natural localities and nature conservation status of Rhodiola rosea in the Pirin National Park (Bulgaria) 327 Download
Shuka, D., Diku, A. & Tan, Kit Three new Centaurea species for Albania 333 Download
Vladimirov, V. & Stoyanov, S. A new species record of Tragopogon (Asteraceae) for the Bulgarian flora 341 Download
Vitkova, A.A., Delcheva, M.H. & Tashev, A.N. Medicinal plants of conservation significance in the Rila National Park (Bulgaria) 347 Download
Biel, B. & Tan, Kit The wetland flora of Milos, western Kiklades, Greece 367 Download
Todorova, I.Zh. & Lyubenova, M.I. Phytoecological investigation of the Hungarian Oak (Fagaceae) forests in Maleshevska Mountain 379 Download
Necheva, V., Yotovska, K., Asenova, A. Place of ecological knowledge in Biology and health education curriculum in the upper secondary level of school education in Bulgaria 389 Download
Vladimirov, V. & al. (comp.) New floristic records in the Balkans: 49 399 Download
Book review 447 Download
List of reviewers 449 Download

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