NeoMail User's Guide Version 1.0.0

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Reading Your E-Mail

Reading e-mail is done by clicking on the e-mail's "Subject", which brings up the screen shown below. Click on the Reply Icon icon to reply to the sender, click on the to reply to the sender plus all other recipients, i.e. "Reply to All", or click on Forward Icon icon to forward your message to somebody else. Use the and Next Message Icon arrow icons to navigate to the previous or next e-mail message respectively.

When you are finished, you can click on the Back to Folder Icon icon to return to your previous folder, or the icon to log off.

Downloading Attachments

If you have an attachment you will see a list at the bottom of your e-mail. Simply click on the "Download" link and choose a directory to save the file.

Managing Your E-Mail] [Table of Contents] [Back to TOC]