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Contents of volume 10(1), 2004
Author(s) Article Page PDF
Cover page Download
Contents and Editorial 3 Download
Stanev, S. The Bulgarian Botanical Society celebreted its 80th anniversary 5 Download
Beshkova, M. & Botev, I. Phytoplankton community structure of three temporary wetlands on Belene Island (Bulgarian sector of the Danube River) 11 Download
Ganeva, A. & Natcheva, R. An overview of the Bulgarian bryophyte flora: past, present and future 21 Download
Bancheva, S., Delcheva, M. & Tzoneva, S. New chorological records of vascular plants for the Western Rhodopi Mountains 27 Download
Dimitrov, D. & Vutov, V. New chorological data and critical notes on the Bulgarian vascular flora 31 Download
Bancheva, S. & Delcheva, M. New chorological records of vascular plants for Bulgaria 35 Download
Evstatieva, L., Christov, V. & Neikov, N. Chemotaxonomic study of some species of genus Genista (Fabaceae). Cluster analysis 39 Download
Atanassova, E. & Kondova, V. Pollen and chemical-physical analysis of unifloral honey from different regions of Bulgaria 45 Download
Bercu, R. Histoanatomy of the leaves of Trapa natans (Trapaceae) 51 Download
Kapchina-Toteva, V., Stoyanova, D. & Jakimova, E. Some features of two cultivars of in vitro propagated Rosa hybrida 57 Download
Yankova, E. Comparative anatomical study of the fruits of Angelica pancicii and A. sylvestris (Apiaceae) distributed in the Bulgarian flora 61 Download
Yurukova, P., Anchev, M. & Goranova, V. Embryological study on diploid and triploid populations of Iberis saxatilis subsp. saxatilis (Brassicaceae) in the Bulgarian flora 69 Download
Daskalova, Ts. On some specificities of seed formation in Salvia nemorosa (Lamiaceae) 79 Download
Yurukova-Grancharova, P. On the embryology of Leontodon autumnalis (Asteraceae) 85 Download
Petrova, A. In memoriam. Margarita Lazarova Markova (1932-2004) - her life and career 93 Download
Ivanov, D. Books Review. Beug, Hans-Jurgen. 2004. Leitfaden der Pollenbestimmung fur Mitteleuropa und angrenzende Gebiete 99 Download

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