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Contents of volume 13(3), 2007
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Ivanov, D.A., Bozukov, V.S. & Koleva-Rekalova, E.K. Late Miocene flora from SE Bulgaria: vegetation, landscape and climate reconstruction 281 Download
Ivanov, P., Kourteva, E. & Mancheva, A. New species to the bryophyte flora of Bulgaria 293 Download
Hájková, P., Plášek, V. & Hájek, M. A contribution to the Bulgarian bryoflora 307 Download
Natcheva, R. Dichelyma falcatum: a new aquatic moss to the bryophyte flora of Bulgaria 311 Download
Panayotov, M.P. & Yurukov, S.I. Tree ring chronology of Pinus peuce from the Pirin Mts and the possibilities to use it for climate analysis 313 Download
Raycheva, Tz., Temsch, E.M. & Dimitrova, D. Rumex pulcher (Polygonaceae) in the Bulgarian flora: distribution, morphology, and karyology 321 Download
Grozeva, N. Chenopodium pumilio (Chenopodiaceae): a new species to the Bulgarian flora 321 Download
Kozuharova, E., Richards, A.J., Hale, M. & Wolff, K. Two rare Oxytropis species (Fabaceae) endemic to the Pirin Mts, Bulgaria 335 Download
Tzonev, R. & Karakiev, T. Plantago maxima (Plantaginaceae): a relict species new for the Bulgarian flora 347 Download
Tan, Kit, Schuler, A. & Strid, A. A pink-flowered variant of Centaurea prespana (Asteraceae) in NW Greece 351 Download
Petrova, A.S. Centaurea jankae and C. trinervia (Asteraceae):new taxa for the Bulgarian flora 353 Download
Tomović, D., Vukojičić, S. Niketić, M., Zlatković, B. & Stevanović, V. Fritillaria (Liliaceae) in Serbia: distribution, habitats and some taxonomic notes 359 Download
Petrova, A., Zieliński, J. & Natcheva, R. Chromosome numbers of some woody plants from Bulgaria 371 Download
Vladimirov, V. & Dimitrova, D. Chromosome numbers of selected species from the Bulgarian flora 379 Download
Goranova, V. Chromosome numbers of some shrubs and trees from the Bulgarian flora 383 Download
Dane, F., Dalgıç Aksoy, Ö. & Yılmaz, G. Karyological and palynological studies on Astragalus hamosus and A. glycyphyllos in Turkey 387 Download
Tosheva, A.G. & Tonkov, S.B. Pollen morphology of the Bulgarian species from section Lathyrostylis (genus Lathyrus, Fabaceae) 393 Download
Apostolova, I., Meshinev, T. & Petrova, A.S. Hay meadows with Trisetum flavescens in Bulgaria: syntaxonomy and implications for nature conservation 401 Download
Evstatieva, L., Hardalova, R. & Stoyanova, K. Medicinal plants in Bulgaria – diversity, legislation, conservation and trade 415 Download
Natcheva, R. New bryophyte records in the Balkans: 3 429 Download
Vladimirov, V. & al. New floristic records in the Balkans: 6 433 Download
Book reviews and announcements 457 Download

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