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Contents of volume 14(1), 2008
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Bozukov, V.S. Genus Trichomanes in the European and Bulgarian Cenozoic macroflora 3 Download
Uzunov, B.A., Stoyneva, M.P. & Gärtner, G. Review of the studies on aero-terrestrial cyano-prokaryotes and algae in Bulgaria with a Checklist of the recorded species. II. 11 Download
Zidarova, R.P. Algae from Livingston Island (S Shetland Islands): a checklist 19 Download
Avci, M. & Zieliński, J. Juniperus oxycedrus f. yaltirikiana (Cupressaceae):a new form from NW Turkey 37 Download
Tan, Kit & Strid, A. Paronychia manfrediana (Caryophyllaceae), a new species from northeast Greece 41 Download
Peruzzi, L. & Uzunov, D. Typification and taxonomic status of Dianthus balbisii subsp. knappii comb. et stat. nova (Caryophyllaceae) 45 Download
Caruso, G., Gangale, C., Uzunov, D. & Lia Pignotti, L. Chorology of Platanus orientalis (Platanaceae) inCalabria (S Italy) 51 Download
Bancheva, S. Taxonomic revision and population status of Psephellus marschallianus (Centaureinae, Asteraceae) in Bulgaria 57 Download
Aquaro, G., Caparelli, K.F. & Peruzzi, L. The genus Taraxacum (Asteraceae) in Italy. I. A systematic study of Taraxacum sect. Palustria 61 Download
Petrova, A.S. & Venkova, D.Y. Epipactis exilis and E. greuteri (Orchidaceae) in the Bulgarian flora 69 Download
Velev, N.I. & Apostolova, I.I. Successional changes of Nardus stricta communities in the Central Balkan Range (Bulgaria) 75 Download
Uzunov, D., Gangale, C. & Lico, F. Habitat diversity and environmental management of the Marchesale Natural Reserve (S Italy) 85 Download
Dogan, Y., Mert, H. & Akcan, K. Anatomical studies of Reseda lutea (Resedaceae) 91 Download
Dogan, Y., Ay, G. & Kozuharova, E. A study of the anatomical characteristics of Vitex agnus-castus (Verbenaceae) 97 Download
Beyazoğlu, O., Coşkunçelebı, K. & Odabaş, H. Anatomical properties of wild Turkish Viburnum (Caprifoliaceae) species 103 Download
Păunescu, A. Histological investigation of the secondary somatic embryogenesis of Alyssum borzaeanum (Brassicaceae) 111 Download
Panayotova, L.G., Ivanova, T.A., Bogdanova, Y.Y., Gussev, Ch.V., Stanilova, M.I., Bosseva, Y.Zh. & Stoeva, T.D. In vitro cultivation of plant species from sandy dunes along the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast 119 Download
Natcheva, R. New Bryophyte Records in the Balkans: 4 125 Download
Vladimirov, V. & al. New Floristic Records in the Balkans: 7 131 Download
Book review 149 Download

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