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Contents of volume 16(3), 2010
Author(s) Article Page PDF
Cover page 1 Download
Cover page 2 Download
Cover page 3 Download
Cover page 4 Download
Contents 319 Download
New taxa published in vol. 16(3), 2010 320 Download
Editorial 321 Download
Assyov, B. & Gyosheva, M. First encounters of Boletus subappendiculatus (Boletaceae) in Bulgaria 323 Download
Yayıntaş, Ö. & Yayıntaş, A. Bryofloristic records of mosses in Kayseri – Yahyalı Hacer forest 329 Download
Abd El-Ghani, M., Karam, M., Abd El-Baky, F. & Ali, R. A taxonomic revision of Veronica sect. Beccabunga in Egypt: confirmation with new additions 337 Download
Biel, B. & Tan, Kit A new species of Campanula (Campanulaceae) from the island of Samothraki, NE Greece 351 Download
Özhatay, N., Koçyiğit, M. & Akalın, E. Allium rumelicum, sect. Codonoprasum, a new species from European Turkey 355 Download
Jušković, M., Ranđelović, V., Zlatković, B. & Stevanović, V. Diversity of the vascular flora of Mt Šljivovički Vis in East Serbia 361 Download
Daşkın, R., & Kaynak, G. Vascular flora of the Uludag Mt (Bursa, Turkey) – I 369 Download
Daşkın, R. & Kaynak, G. Vascular flora of the Uludag Mt (Bursa, Turkey) – II 385 Download
Natcheva, R. New bryophyte records in the Balkans: 7 413 Download
Vladimirov, V. & al. New floristic records in the Balkans: 14 415 Download
Book reviews and announcements 447 Download
Reviewers 453 Download

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