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Contents of volume 19(2), 2013
Author(s) Article Page Link
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Contens & New taxa published in vol. 19(2), 2013 167 Download
van Huis, J., Tonkov, S.B. & Bozilova, E.D. Two millennia of vegetation history in the Smolyan lake area, Central Rhodopes Mountains (Bulgaria) 169 Download
Batan, N., Özdemir, T. & Alataş, M. Bryophyte flora of the Iğdır province (Turkey) 179 Download
Keshavarzi, M., Nasrollahi, F. & Sheidai, M. Stem and fruit anatomical study of the Anchusa species (Boraginaceae) in Iran 193 Download
Bogacheva-Milkoteva, K., Kozuharova, E. & Claßen-Bockhoff, R. Breeding systems of Haberlea rhodopensis (Gesneriaceae), a Tertiary relict endemic to the Balkan Peninsula 201 Download
Shabestari, E.S.B., Attar, F., Riahi, H. & Sheidai, M. Seed morphology of the Centaurea species (Asteraceae) in Iran 209 Download
Azizi, H., Sheidai, M. & Nouroozi, M. Cytological studies into some species and populations of Carduus (Asteraceae) in Iran 215 Download
Nouroozi, M., Sheidai, M., Seif, E., Attar, F. & Noormohammadi, Z. ISSR and RAPD analyses of species and their relationships in the genus Cirsium (Asteraceae) in Iran 225 Download
Abd El-Ghani, M.M., Salama, F.M. & El-Tayeh, N.A. Desert roadside vegetation in eastern Egypt and environmental determinants for its distribution 233 Download
Tzonev, R.T. New plant associations from Danubian Plain, Bulgaria 243 Download
Vladimirov, V., Dane, F., Stevanović, V. & Tan, Kit New floristic records in the Balkans: 22 267 Download

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