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Contents of volume 12(3), 2006
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Nikolov, S. & Kozuharova, E. Professor Dr. Ivan Assenov – his life and scientific works 309 Download
Lazarova, M., Petrova, M. & Jordanova, M. Pollen monitoring in surface samples in mosses and pollen traps from the Beglika region (W Rhodopes) 317 Download
Ivanov, P., Kirilova, E. & Ector, L. Diatom taxonomic composition of rivers in South and West Bulgaria 327 Download
Dencheva, K.H. Macrophytobenthic coenoses as indicators of the eutrophication level in Varna bay (Bulgarian Black Sea Coast) 339 Download
Stoean, R., Stoean, C., Preuss, M. & Dumitrescu, D. Diagnosing soybean diseases from symptoms by means of evolutionary support vector machines 345 Download
Ivanova, D. Dryopteris ×ambroseae (Dryopteridaceae: Pteridophyta), a hybrid new to Bulgaria 351 Download
Ančev, M. Polyploidy and hybridization in Bulgarian Brassicaceae: distribution and evolutionary role 357 Download
Háyek, M., Hájková, P. & Apostolova, I. New wetland vascular plants for Bulgaria 367 Download
Nedelcheva, A. & Tzonev, R. Achillea ochroleuca (Asteraceae): a new species for the Bulgarian flora 371 Download
Bancheva, S. & Vassilev, K. Vascular flora of the Beli Lom Nature Reserve in Northeast Bulgaria 377 Download
Ignatova, P., Dimitrova, D., Gussev, Ch. & Stanilova, M. Karyomorphological study of Leucojum aestivum (Amaryllidaceae) in Bulgaria 387 Download
Atamov, V. Structure of phytomass of Azerbaijan’s steppe vegetation 391 Download
Atamov, V., Aktoklu, E., Cetin, E., Aslan, M. & Yavuz, M. Halophytication in Harran (Şanlıurfa) and Amik Plain (Hatay) in Turkey 401 Download
Vladimirov, V. & al. New floristic records in the Balkans: 3 413 Download
Symposia 441 Download
Book reviews 443 Download

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