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Contents of volume 13(1), 2007
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Tonkov, S. Prof. Elissaveta Bozilova, DSc: a tribute to her 75th birthday 3 Download
Stoyneva, M.P. & Pilarski, P.S. Assoc. Prof. Dr Stefan Draganov: Ad multo annos! 13 Download
Hindák, F. Conspicuous forms of heterocytes and hormogonia in Rivularia mesenterica (Cyanophyta/Cyano bacteria) 21 Download
Tschaikner, A., Ingolić, E., Stoyneva, M.P. & Gärtner, G. Autosporulation in the soil alga Coelastrella terrestris (Chlorophyta, Scenedesmaceae, Scenedesmoideae) 29 Download
Velichkova, K. & Kiryakov, I. Morphological variability of Tetrastrum triangulare and T. komarekii (Chlorophyta, Chlo rococcales) in clonal cultures 35 Download
Pouneva, I.D. & Toncheva-Panova, T. Heteropolysaccharide produced by the red alga Dixoniella grisea affects the host–parasite relationship in the system Scenedesmus incrassatulusPhlyctidium scenedesmi 41 Download
Belkinova, D., Mladenov, R., Dimitrova-Dyulgerova, I., Cheshmedjiev, S. & Angelova, I. Phytoplankton research in Kurdzhali Reservoir 47 Download
Stancheva, R., Mancheva, A. & Ivanov, P. Taxonomic composition of epilithic diatom flora from rivers Vit and Osum, Bulgaria 53 Download
Uzunov, B.A., Stoyneva, M.P. & Gärtner, G. Review of the studies on aero-terrestrial cyano-prokaryotes and algae in Bulgaria with Checklist of the recorded species. I. 65 Download
Dragićević, S., Veljić, M., Marin, P.D. & Petković, B. Contribution to the knowledge of bryophyte flora from Mt Sinjavina (Montenegro) 75 Download
Tzonev, R. Eclipta prostrata (Asteraceae): a new alien species for the Bulgarian flora 79 Download
Tan, Kit, Biel, B. & Schuler, A. The occurrence of Fimbristylis bisumbellata and F. squarrosa (Cyperaceae) in Greece 81 Download
Iatrou, G., Trigas, P. & Pettas, N. The vascular flora of Akrokorinthos Castle and its surrounding area (NE Peloponnese, Greece) 83 Download
Gorunescu, M. & Gorunescu, F. A neural networks-based approach in phytotaxonomic research 95 Download
Natcheva, R. & al. New bryophyte records in the Balkans: 1 101 Download
Vladimirov, V. & al. New floristic records in the Balkans: 4 107 Download
Book reviews 123 Download
Instructions to authors 125 Download

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