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Contents of volume 17(1), 2011
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Bozukov, V., Utescher, T., Ivanov, D., Tsenov, B., Ashraf, A. & Mosbrugger,V. New results for the fossil macroflora of the Beli Breg Lignite Basin, West Bulgaria 3 Download
Papp, B., Natcheva, R. & Ganeva, A. The bryophyte flora of Northern Mt Strandzha 21 Download
Sutorý, K. Verbascum ×debeauxii – an earlier name for V. ×edirnense (V. densiflorum × V. sinuatum) 33 Download
Abd El-Ghani, M., Karam, M., Abd El-Baky, F. & Ali, R. Taxonomic relationships in Veronica sect. Beccabunga (Plantaginaceae s.l.) of Egypt: evidence from morphometric and molecular analyses 35 Download
Stoyanov, S. & Vassilev, K. Plantago sempervirens (Plantaginaceae): a dwarf shrub new for the Bulgarian flora 45 Download
Kamrani, A., Naqinezhad, A., Attar, F., Jalili, A. & Charlet, D. Wetland flora and diversity of the Western Alborz Mountains, North Iran 53 Download
Velev, N., Apostolova, I. & Rozbrojová, Z. Alliance Arrhenatherion elatioris in West Bulgaria 67 Download
Keshavarzi, M., Tirtash, F., Ebrahimzadeh, F. & Sheidaii, M. Comparative anatomy of the Fumaria (Papaveraceae) species in Iran 79 Download
Mosaferi, S. & Keshavarzi, M. Micro-morphological study of Polygonaceae tribes in Iran 89 Download
Yurukova-Grancharova, P., Yankova-Tsvetkova, E., Baldjiev, G. & Barragan, M. Reproductive biology of Atropa belladonna: embryological features, pollen and seed viability 101 Download
Makbul, S., Coskunçelebi, K. & Beyazoğlu, O. Notes on the stem anatomy of Scorzonera (Asteraceae) taxa from Northeast Turkey 113 Download
Vitkova, A., Gavrilova, A. & Tashev, A. Alchemilla mollis (Rosaceae) – a critically endangered species in Bulgaria 123 Download
Vladimirov, V. & al. New floristic records in the Balkans: 15 129 Download
Book announcement 157 Download
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