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Contents of volume 18(3), 2012
Author(s) Article Page PDF
Cover pages Download
Contents 235 Download
Bozukov, V. & Tsenov, B. Catalogue of the Cenozoic plants of Bulgaria (Eocene to Pliocene). Addendum and Corrigendum 237 Download
Panahi, P., Jamzad, Z., Pourmajidian, M. R., Fallah, A. & Pourhashemi, M. Taxonomic implications of micro-morphological features for taxon delimitation within the Quercus libani complex (Fagaceae) in Iran 263 Download
Tirtash, F. H., Keshavarzi, M. & Sheidai, M. Study of the meiosis in some species of Fumaria (Papaveraceae) from Iran 277 Download
Pedashenko, H., Apostolova, I. & Vassilev, K. Amorpha fruticosa invasibility of different habitats in lower Danube 285 Download
Talebi, S. M., Sheidai, M., Atri, M., Sharifnia, F. & Noormohammadi, Z. Palynological study of the genus Linum in Iran (a taxonomic review) 293 Download
Seif, E., Sheidai, M., Norouzi, M. & Noormohammadi, Z. Biosystematic studies of Cirsium arvense populations in Iran 305 Download
Vladimirov, V. & Petrova, A. Grindelia squarrosa: a new alien species for the Bulgarian flora 315 Download
Yetişen, K., Özdemir, C., Küçüködük, M. & Akyol, Y. A morphological and anatomical study on Hyacinthella glabrescens (Liliaceae) 319 Download
Kozuharova, E., Benbassat, N. & Napier, J. New records of the remedial properties of vascular plants, some traditionally accepted as medicinal plants and some less familiar to ethnobotanists 323 Download
Vladimirov, V., Dane, F. & Tan, Kit New floristic records in the Balkans: 20 333 Download
Book reviews 375 Download
List of reviewers 377 Download

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