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Contents of volume 26(3), 2020
Author(s) Article Page Link
Cover page 1 Download
Cover page 2 Download
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Covers Download
Contens & New taxa published in vol. 26(3), 2020 429 Download
Stoykov, D. New records of two ascomycetes from the Republic of North Macedonia 431 Download
Mašić, E. Bibliography of phycological research in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1849–2019) 437 Download
Natcheva, R. & Gospodinov, G. The bryophyte flora of Loven park in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria 445 Download
Jimoh, M.A., Okunlola, G.O., Wahab, A.A., Oseni, O.M. & Rufai, A.B. Proximate and mineral analysis and antinutrient and antimicrobial properties of Talinum triangulare (Talinaceae) and Celosia argentea (Amaranthaceae) 449 Download
Petrova, S.D. & Chipilski, R.R. Agrobiological and physiological evaluation of the accessions of the Lathyrus sp. collection from the Genebank in Sadovo 457 Download
Sarvi, A., Faghir, M.B. & Shavvon, R.Sh. Polygala mazandaranica (Polygalaceae), a new species from Mazandaran Province, North Iran 461 Download
Shalabi, L.F., Hamdy, N. & Hussein, E.A. Numerical classification of Rhododendron (Ericaceae) based on seed morphology and protein profile 471 Download
Schmidt, D. & Maslo, S. A continuing trend: Plantago coronopus spreads also along the roads in Bosnia and Herzegovina 479 Download
Zografidis, A., Polymenakos, K., Zarkos, G. & Dimopoulos, P. Notes on Verbascum (Scrophulariaceae) from Greece 485 Download
Ibrahim, H.M., Alhadi, F.A., El-Amier, Y.A. & Murshed, A.A. Leaf architecture of Bidens (Asteraceae) in Sana’a city and its taxonomical significance 495 Download
Raus, Th. & Strid, A. New combinations in some Balkan Centaurea taxa 505 Download
Ioannidis, V. & Tzanoudakis, D. Allium arampatzisii (Amaryllidaceae) – a new species from Northern Continental Greece 509 Download
Shuka, D., Tan, Kit, Hallaçi, B. & Shuka, L. Additions to the flora of North Albania 517 Download
Tsakiri, M., Kokkoris, I.P., Trigas, P., Tzanoudakis, D. & Iatrou, G. Contribution to the vascular flora of Chelmos-Vouraikos National Park (N Peloponnese, Greece) 523 Download
Vladimirov, V. & al. (comp.) New floristic records in the Balkans: 43 537 Download
List of the reviewers 573 Download

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